ABRAZO®400 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

ABRAZO 400 - Background

Tata Steel produces abrasion resistant steel with the brand name ABRAZO®. This steel is water quenched using a modern roller quenching system that develops higher cooling rates than the traditional platen or static systems. The high cooling rate in combination with optimum chemistry enables elevated hardness levels to be developed whilst maintaining ease of fabrication.

Roller quenched steels are used in situations where a combination of high strength and toughness coupled with good weldabilty is required. The main feature of the roller quench process is the use of rotating rolls to hold the plate during quenching, coupled with an extremely efficient quench. Depending on plate thickness and composition, the required rate of cooling is achieved by passing the plate directly through the quench unit or by reciprocating the plate within the unit. The effects of quenching are applied uniformly over the entire plate surface.  It is the water curtain, unique to the roller quench unit, which generates the very intense initial cooling rates that achieve the desired properties with very low levels of micro -alloying. The result is a product with improved flatness, greater uniformity of properties, low residual stresses and better weldability. 

Fabrication of ABRAZO Steel Plate

ABRAZO can be easily welded and fabricated but its high hardness and strength compared with mild steel means that it should be treated with some caution. 


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