MIL A12560 Steel Plate

MIL–A 12560 steel plate is a military spec armor steel plate that is approved by the Material Technology Laboratory, Department of the Army, for use in combat-vehicles and for ammunition testing. Thickness ranges from 3/16” through 3” are for use in combat-vehicles and ¼” through 12” are for use in proof acceptance testing of armor defeating ammunition.

Typically this grade of armor is used in the protection of land mines or explosive structures. It absorbs shock very well and therefore helps to keep shrapnel to a minimum. Each plate is tested to a Fragment Simulated Projectile standard, which dictates the level of protection for which the plate will ultimately be used.

Largely known as Rolled Homogenous Armor, this variety comes in four different classes. Typical BHN readings on this material are 377 to 415 with other impact and bend tests being performed as well.


Armor and Ballistic Steel Plate
all measurement in Inches Thickness Width Length
MIL-A-12560 3/16" – 1" 48" – 120" 96" – 480"


MIL - A 46100
MIL - A 12560
MIL - A 46177


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