MIL A46177 Steel Plate

MIL–A 46177 steel plate is a military spec armor steel plate that is heat treated and used for its ballistic defeating properties, in a wide variety of armoring applications. From up-armoring kits to a wide variety of other applications, our ballistic steels are designed to meet a client’s needs. Mil-A-46177 is a wrought homogenous armor plate that is typically used in light gauge applications.  It comes in thicknesses from 1/8” (.125) to, but not including, ¼” (.250). It is designed to withstand Mil-Std-662 V 50 Ballistic Test for Armor.

For shock absorption purpose, it is designed to be made (rolled) as homogenous as possible with a minimum Rockwell (HRC) of 39 or brinell (BHN) of 362.  An average out of flat tolerance of ¾” is allowed from a flat surface; however, a customer may request something more stringent.

This grade is less often requested now, but is still used for some liner and/or smaller vehicle applications.   The steel armor covered by this specification is military unique, i.e., the armor is intended for use on combat vehicles, where resistance to armor piercing types of ammunition and multiple hit capability are required.

Many revisions have been made over the last 10 years to the various types of armor plate, meaning that many types share some of the same characteristics. Therefore, it is important to be sure that the grade requested matches the intended application for use.

MIL - A 46100
MIL - A 12560
MIL - A 46177


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