A company with over 37 years of experience of delivering to a market place demanding the most exacting quality standards you can be assured we operate the most stringent systems in the industry.


Audited to ISO9001:2008 by BSI, as well as meeting independent audits from the defence and nuclear sectors, Reliable Plates are the number one choice for global quality assured plate.

Inspection & Testing Service


We are able to provide the following material testing services both in-house and by NAMAS approved test houses.

  • HIC to NACE MR0175
  • Sulphide Stress Cracking (SSC)
  • Ultrasonics to BS/EN/ASME Standards
  • Charpy Impacts
  • Through Thickness Tensile (TTT)
  • Tensile
  • Bend Test
  • Tests on Post World Heat Treated (PWHT) Samples
  • Elevated Temperature Tests
  • Re-certification by producing mills
  • Check Analysis
  • Hardness

All tests can be witnessed by third party inspectors such as Lloyds/DNV/ABS etc.

In addition to the above comprehensive list of testing Brown McFarlane can also provide individually tailored inspection services specific to the clients requirements from standard 
first cut inspection to 100% fully documented QA Inspection plans/records.


ISO Certification

Our mission is to supply RELIABLE quality pipes & tubes at affordable cost to cater the needs of nation.

Our Goal is to emerge as market leader by preserving the confidence of our valued customers. We shall endeavor to continually improve through group efforts.

We are committed to develop, implement and maintain an effictive Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 Standard.


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