High Yield Cold Forming Steel Plate

Reliable Pipes and Tubes Ltd carries a stock of high yield cold forming steel plate with guaranteed mechanical properties, excellent cold formability, and a clean surface finish.

In-house high definition plasma profiling guarantees tight tolerances with minimum distortion

High yield cold forming steel plate offers both strength and formability, with excellent surface quality, dimensional and geometrical accuracy and uniformity of properties. 

Steel structures can be made lighter which means that the payload of machines and equipment can be increased and fuel consumption reduced.


Despite its high strength, this steel is easier to weld than conventional lower yield grades.  Good weldability means that preheating is not necessary under normal conditions.  Surfaces must be both dry and clean before welding and welding materials must be of sufficiently low hydrogen content.

The weld material properties, including strength, can be of a lower strength than the steel being used provided that the weld is situated in a less stressed part of the structure. 


  • Agricultural equipment
  • Axle parts
  • Crane booms
  • Defence applications
  • Low weight piling
  • Mechanical handling
  • Side impact protection systems
  • Truck body
  • Vehicle chassis


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