BS 1501 223 490B LT30

Although BS 1501 was officially withdrawn on 15th February 1993 it remains a steel specification that we see from our customers on a regular basis. As this is the case Reliable ensures that it stocks plates that are certified in accordance with various grades of BS 1501.

BS 1501 223 490B LT30 - the specification

BS1501 223 is a specification for fully killed niobium treated carbon manganese steel plates. The specification covers plates up to 150 mm thick in two grades which may be supplied having specified elevated temperature properties and low temperature impact properties. 

The grade BS 1501 223 490B LT50 shows that the steel will have a minimum tensile strength of 490 N/mm2 (490), has elevated temperature properties reported (B), and has low temperature impact properties specified at -30 deg C (LT30).

As well as BS 1501 223 490B LT30, we are also stockists of plates manufactured and certified to:

BS 1501 224 490B LT50                    BS 1501 225 490B LT50


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